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I was rummaging around in my VK scans folder and I ran into this. I might translate Seika's and Tsukasa's pages later. I'm missing Shunsuke's page, though, which sucks :/ If someone has it... *wink wink*


"The Question of Hundred Items"
Maru (vo) / bis
SHOXXbis vol.5

/SHOXXbis January, 2006

Birth year/month/day?
June 17th

Blood type

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Is it just me or does he give a really bored/reluctant/not-interested-at-all impression throughout the questionnaire?
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22 June 2011 @ 07:13 pm

2011-06-22 02:59:17
6/21 Takadanoba AREA.

Today too, thank you everybody(・∀・)

It was an unusually good weather during our concert day (smile)

It was hot both inside and outside of the live house ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

Thanks to you the live was thoroughly sweaty.

While singing and

(°Д°;≡°Д°;) pant pant -ing,

sweat flew around as I movedヽ(;´ω`)ノ

People in the first row, I'm sorry(*´σー`) smile

I will make use of the things I contemplated today and take them to usage from the next live onwards(°∀°)b *

I'm eternally thankful for the letters and presents, too

I value them!

I eat them with great care!

Because I didn't have time today, I couldn't take a picture, so

here's a photo from earlier when we were taking pics:


BugLug's Kazuki-san☆

Kazuki-san has an atmosphere of gentle older brother to him, I think(・∀・)

so, good night, mike☆**



*="the reflection/contemplation points" mean the stuff that didn't quite work in this live and which evoked thoughts. For example the sweat, I'm guessing from the smiley 8D

**Oyasumi ("Good night") + Mike = oyasumike :') A pun impossible to translate, excuse my lame attempt at it.

I love it how he uses smileys! They're very eloquent :D
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22 June 2011 @ 06:17 pm

2011-06-22 01:35:00
Takadanoba AREA 6.21☆

We had a live☆

Seeing a lot of smiling faces made me happy today too(^^)

Before the live I took a picture

mag has a nice timing☆


It's a week left before the release of

"Everlasting BLUE"☆

A little longer and
everybody's copies will be delivered*

Well well (/--)/

good night

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22 June 2011 @ 05:49 pm

2011-06-22 01:50:09

After a long time, I'm showing you Marimari.

It's doing fine.


2011-06-22 02:06:18



2011-06-22 02:10:22




Updated the layout of my official blog.

Originals here, here andhere.

He went on a spamming spree in his ameblo :D I put the three entries together. Sheshus this man is adorable! :D
22 June 2011 @ 05:29 pm

2011-06-22 14:11:30

Kuroyume's NEW SINGLE

Kuroyume's new single will be released 24th of August.

It's name is "heavenly".

Wait for the three new Kuroyume songs following "Misery" and "Aron".
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18 June 2011 @ 10:19 am
2008-12-06 23:33:43

I have an announcement!

Because there's no more a news ban, and telling about it isn't impossible anymore either...

The content of the announcement is!!

that I am...(>_<)

I'm going to make my movie debut!!!!(^O^)/


Thanks to you me climbing one step up on the stairs of dreams could happen

Thank you so much m(__)m

Ah, it's the longed for debut in the big screens!!

I'm awfully happy!!

Genuinely happy!!!!!!

Today I had a photosession like that*★

Although I had the typical bewilderment of one's first acting performance, the director of the movie carefully adviced me one by one and so I was able to have a really fun time(^_^)

In the scene, there was a lllot to learn!!

Watching an inspiring actress' performance right in front of my eyes gave me goosebumps...

It was a first experience too... (smile)

Making this role was also getting a personal experience (bright red nails♪),

I'm thinking I got an honestly valuable personal experience!!!!(>_<)

It hasn't been released yet but because there are scenes that I was able to act in, when the movie opens I hope everyone can watch it!!

To get such a personal experience is also because I have the support of you all, I'm grateful.

Thank you m(__)m

And then, from now on too, please be nice to me!!



Yo, long time no see! I've been too lazy to read anything Japanese since my summer vacation began. During summertime I will be a slow translator, just a warning :) This entry was requested by huffy_chan. Others, feel free to suggest things for translations too.

I was too lazy to delve into this for a long time but I wasn't able to find out the movie she's talking about. My google searches kept offering me "Abunae". Some sites say it's a movie, some have titled it as her "3rd solo DVD". Since she is a gravure model, that could mean anything.

*Apparently meaning promo photo shoot.
**She wrote "yattaze". I'm not sure what sort of difference the "ze" at the end makes, if any.
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21 April 2011 @ 08:35 pm

2011-04-15 21:29:27

Feels like spring



It became warm and so, my turtle Bi came out of its hibernation too(・∀・)

By the way, I let turtle Bi go freely inside the house,
it lives eating and drinking the leftover water and food of the dog as it pleases (smile)

So, when winter comes, it disappears inside the house, and comes out in spring☆



Now, I just interpreted that his turtle's name is Bi -because if not, he just called his turtle "a beauty" :D
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21 April 2011 @ 12:15 pm

2011-04-18 23:28:00

Haku Haku Pakushii

It's Seika here o(´^`)o

I had a song meeting with Pakushii*

And then、

after it

meal at Bikkuri Donkey~**

Of course it's this here.

The perfect harmony of pineapple, hamburger meat and curry.

It was delicious.

Pakushii left some salad, so I eat it (^_^;)

Going home now.

See you later(・ω・)ノ

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*=Haku :D It's a bit complex wordplay. Haku's name written in hiragana looks like this: はく, and Seika re-named him Pakushii, which looks quite similar: ぱくしー. Now, "Pakushii" is the kana form of "Pacusi" which is an old, old anime, aired in 1994. You can listen to the "Pacusi song" here. It's probably something Seika watched when being young :) (Yes, figuring out all this took me forever, lol. Translating these blogs is sometimes like being a fucking Sherlock Holmes 8D)

**A steak restaurant
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21 April 2011 @ 11:39 am

2011-04-17 23:18:33


It's Seika here o(´^`)o

Today I came to Selm's live.

Yesterday, unexpectedly, I happened to run into the drummer Man-chan in the street and so,

because I saw him, an email came and he kindly invited me to the today's live♪ *

After [everything] has calmed down, I want to drink again with Man-chan whilst talking.**

Donbei is ready so,


See you later(・ω・)ノ


*Usually when translating, I began by deleting the smileys from the text because they're a bit distracting. In this sentence there was an envelope smiley in the middle, and only afterwards I realized he had replaced the word email/invitation with the smiley! He's cute :D
**As in, after the concert.
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I wanted to translate a SCREW interview from the April issue of Fool's Mate but it was too long. I might try doing it in parts in the future. But, because I was in the translating spirits, I took the February 2009 issue of Fool's Mate instead and decided to translate the small New Year spirits columns. There were dozens of bands and artists answering to the two questions so I translated only a handful. Enjoy!

FOOL'S MATE Special Edition 2009
New Year's Spirits vol.12
New Year's cards and Survey Special
from around 200 members and 50 bands

/FOOL'S MATE February 2009

Questions: 1. Tell us your pick for the best product of the year 2008 (CD, DVD, book, manga, movie, something similar)
2. The thing that made you most happy in 2008/the first thing that pops up in your head [about 2008]
X if the question wasn't answered, it has been marked as '-'

the GazettE
Ruki (vo)
1. Tricky "Knowle Best Boy" (album)
2. Isn't it that the Gazette was able to go on in 2008 too. I'm sincerely happy/ -

Aoi (G)
1.not answering
2.Hm? Being able to step out to in front of everybody was good this year too/ -

Uruha (G)
1.Mudvayne "The New Game" (album)/ NE-YO "The Year of The Gentleman" (album)
2.Being able to do a long tour was pleasant/ dropping my home key comes to mind

Reita (b)
1.Mötley Crue "Saints of Los Angeles" (album)
2.Increase of hobbies/ falling too much*

Kai (dr)
1. "Mist" (movie)
2. There were many new encounters/ was betrayed

*ハマりすぎたこと: not quite sure about this. Could be read "overly crazy about/addicted" as well but but... Perhaps Reita did fall off stages too much during 2008. Feel free to correct me!

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