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08 April 2011 @ 10:14 pm
Translation #49 Fool's Mate New Year's Spirits 2009, various artists  
I wanted to translate a SCREW interview from the April issue of Fool's Mate but it was too long. I might try doing it in parts in the future. But, because I was in the translating spirits, I took the February 2009 issue of Fool's Mate instead and decided to translate the small New Year spirits columns. There were dozens of bands and artists answering to the two questions so I translated only a handful. Enjoy!

FOOL'S MATE Special Edition 2009
New Year's Spirits vol.12
New Year's cards and Survey Special
from around 200 members and 50 bands

/FOOL'S MATE February 2009

Questions: 1. Tell us your pick for the best product of the year 2008 (CD, DVD, book, manga, movie, something similar)
2. The thing that made you most happy in 2008/the first thing that pops up in your head [about 2008]
X if the question wasn't answered, it has been marked as '-'

the GazettE
Ruki (vo)
1. Tricky "Knowle Best Boy" (album)
2. Isn't it that the Gazette was able to go on in 2008 too. I'm sincerely happy/ -

Aoi (G)
1.not answering
2.Hm? Being able to step out to in front of everybody was good this year too/ -

Uruha (G)
1.Mudvayne "The New Game" (album)/ NE-YO "The Year of The Gentleman" (album)
2.Being able to do a long tour was pleasant/ dropping my home key comes to mind

Reita (b)
1.Mötley Crue "Saints of Los Angeles" (album)
2.Increase of hobbies/ falling too much*

Kai (dr)
1. "Mist" (movie)
2. There were many new encounters/ was betrayed

*ハマりすぎたこと: not quite sure about this. Could be read "overly crazy about/addicted" as well but but... Perhaps Reita did fall off stages too much during 2008. Feel free to correct me!

Mao (vo)
1."Prison Break" (foreign tv-program)
2.Record company's juice was 90 yens in vending machine/ I wasn't angry this year~ I will be angrier next year

Shinji (G)
1."Evangelion 1.0. You're Not Alone" (DVD)*/ "Tonbo" (manga)
2.When someone said, "You look young, don't you"./ My greeting was ignored**

Aki (b)
1."Slam Dunk" (manga)/ "Detroit Metal City" (manga&movie)
2.Major debut live at Budoukan!!/ The attitude of you who work at restaurants part-time, well, um, but it's good but... (smile)***

Yuuya (dr)
1.Aqua Timez "Dareka no Chijoue" (album)
2.Of course the major debut. Too clichéd? No~, it was absolutely a dream, yeah. In 2008, it was impressive, right?

Mao, you're just amazingly... dorky♥
*A part of Rebuild of Evangelion series; "Evangerion Shin Gegijouban: Jou"
**I'm guessing his idol or some other musician he respects :D Poor boy.
***idk. Something like that.

1."Jumper" (movie) In all simplicity, I thought, "This is cool".
2.Seeing fans' happiness in lives/ certain people's jokes

Tatsurou (vo)
1. DAISHI DANCE "the Ghibli set" (album)
2. My local *censored* restaurant's butashou was the grilled specialty of the day, it was amazingly delicious/ The butashou grilled specialty of the highest restaurant *censored* in Shibuya's Miyamasu hill was amazingly bad.*

Miya (G)
1. Coldplay "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends"/ "Kyuuka" (movie)
2. Loads of foreign friends were able to come [to see our lives]/I made a ten yen punch

Yukke (b)
1."Yotsuba"! (manga) Yotsuba is cute☆
2. Getting to play bass on the same stage as Story of the Year and Atreyu!/ I lose things when I'm drunk!**

SATOchi (dr)
1."April Bride" (book)***
2.Meeting different people made me really happy/ the whole year I got offended too quickly

*he censored himself the names of the restaurants
**Yukke, I love you so much♥
***original title: 余命1ヶ月の花嫁, Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome. Yes, the book which was made into a movie last year, starring Eita and Nana Eikura♥

Alice Nine
Shou (vo)
1. "Fine, Totally Fine" (movie) (全然大丈夫, "Zenzen daijoubu")
2.iPhone made me envious

Tora (G)
1.All metal was great this year
2.2008, I was very scared of my neck

1.Metallica "Death Magnet" (album)/ Nine Inch Nails "The Slip" (album)
2.To be able to start "Rainbows" (single). There isn't anything beyound this harvest!!!*/ Dropping a pizaman**

Saga (b)
1.Muse "Haarp" (album)/ U2 "Under A Blood Red Sky" (remaster edit, album)/ Sigur Ross "Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust"***
2.Completing "VANDALIZE"/ For the guys without no sense of responsibility****

Nao (dr)
1."Macros F" (manga) [F stands for frontier]
2. The completion of Alice Nine's third album "VANDALIZE"!/ There were living oysters*****

*aka Rainbows was his biggest accomplishment of the year 2008 and he's super proud of it.
**Wikipedia says pizaman is a variation of a meat bundle dish nikuman. If he's referring to a person named "Piza man", I have no idea what it could mean.
***Saga used the Japanese title for the album, 残響, "Zankyou" which translates as "Echo". I don't speak Iceland but it's quite funny how the Icelandic title is a billion times longer and probably means something totally different :D (Google Translate says "The Music In Cold Water")
****? He's referring to his band mates? An inside joke? I got nothing.
*****生牡蠣: I'm not exactly sure but apparently he saw/had oysters that were still alive inside their shells.

1.Rodrigo y Gabriela "Rodrigo y Gabriela" (album)/ Keziah Jones "Nigerian Wood" (album)/ "August Rush"(movie)/ "Vantage Point" (movie)/ "Cloverfield/HAKAISHA" (movie)/ "The Apple Way" (book)/ "Momoyama Beat Drive" (book)*
2. The day when I returned from world tour's peaceful Brazil/ I returned home all the way from Brazil and the first, instant feeling was that I had fogotten to take the trash out

*桃山ビート・トライブ, apparently not released in English yet

Isshi (vo)
1. Kagrra, "Core" (album)*
2. Europe tour/ not telling that...

Akiya (G)
1."Ponyo" (movie) "Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo, the fish child..♪" **
2. There are too many.../ I have a hunch something happened in October but I've forgotten what...

Shin (G)
1.Pig's movie...***
2.Being able to tour in Europe/ my iPod died

Nao (b)
1."Soul Eater" (manga) (by Atsushi Okubo)
2.Soooo many, can't write all, right?/ The thing that came to my mind isn't special... Probably.

Izumi (dr)
1."Naruto" (manga) All in all ○****
2. Moving/ After moving, in one day Goki-san appeared*****

*modesty, pfft, Isshi doesn't need it♥
**I don't know how the English/Finnish lyrics go, I just translated the Japanese lyrics Akiya had written :D
***...uhm. 2007 there was a release of a movie called Pigs. Could he be referring to it? I didn't know Shin was into this sort of flicks 8D;
****the circle, "maru", means "correct, good"
*****Goki-san, as in "gokiburi", cockroach :'D

Hizumi (vo)
1. capsule "MORE!MORE!MORE" (album)
2. I bought a motorcycle of medium-sized certificate/ The time when a person who worked [for us] for the first time this year scolded me. He was a prodigy.

Karyu (G)
1.Coldplay "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends"/ "Red Cliff" (movie)*
2.Playing drums in the 9th anniversary live/ lately, I've been working not to get angry

Zero (b)
1.Idiot Pirates "Instrumentals: Wolves" (album)/ "Butterfly Effect" (DVD)/ I haven't seen it yet but... "X-Files: I Want to Believe" (movie)
2.Being fanatic about living and coming home after R.T.O.C**

Tsukasa (dr)
1."Wanted" (movie)/ "Mario Kart" (wii)
2.9th anniversary live and fanclub trip were fun/ was defeated in Mario Kart

*^o^ excellent taste, Karyu! The movie is starred by Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro :D
**Not sure about this. Apparently it's good being home after Rockstar Taste Of Chaos tour although he got powered up by it too?

Byou (vo)
1. Favourite author's short story
2. Can't remember either

Kazuki (G)
1."Fairy Tail" (manga)*
2.Budoukan performance determination!/ none

Manabu (G)
1."Suspect X" (movie)**
2.The fact that there was many CD releases and lives/ The fact that I broke too many guitars and equipment

Yuuto (b)
1."Detroit Metal City" (manga&movie)
2.One-man live/-

1.Slipknot "All Hope Is Gone" (album)/ "Detroit Metal City" (movie)
2.[Our] First one-man tour/ I wasn't able to do a live because of my poor physical health

*by Hiro Mashima
**original title: 容疑者Xの献身, "Yougisha x no kenshin"
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kanaaaaaaaa~k435y on April 14th, 2011 05:55 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating! =)